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Whenever we get together with couples who are contemplating marriage, we share with them the principle that the person sitting next to them is already fundamentally formed and will not be changing all that much in regards to who they are—the core of their personality and how they are wired. With that in mind, the more “whole” you are—not needing or expecting others to fill some void in your life—before you enter a marriage relationship, the more likely your marriage will be a healthy, satisfying, and growing marriage.

This online assessment can perhaps help you spot some “blind spots” that need attention in your quest to become a “whole” and complete individual.

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Seriously dating, engaged or recently married, the Couple Checkup might be the best thing you do for your marriage!

This online assessment tool will bring out the areas where you really shine as a couple—and help you target spots that could use a little upkeep. Includes a full report and biblical reference guide to help your relationship grow. Go to The Couple Checkup.